XADO Diesel Engine Treatment


This is our top selling XADO Revitalizant for Diesel engine. This XADO product will bring up the compression in your cylinders, increase horsepower, reduce blow by, increase gas/mileage, and restore the vehicle's engine. It is based on a revolutionary discovery of natural minerals that affect the surface of the friction pairs and does not affect the oil. It is not just another "oil additive", but it is rather an unique gel which restores the geometry and weight of the mating parts in the working mechanism. See for yourself.


Revitalizant gel for gasoline and diesel engines:

Procedure of treating an engine with lubricant capacity of 2 to 10 quarts (2-10 l)

Phase 1

  1. Squeeze out the contents of one tube into the oil fill of the engine warmed up to normal running temperature.
  2. Start the engine and let it idle for no less than 5 minutes, then if possible go for a drive.

Phase 2

  1. Do as described in Phase 1 after a running of 60 to 150 miles (100-250 km).

Phase 3

  1. Do as described in Phase 2 after a running of 60 to 150 miles (100-250 km).
  2. Revitalization is considered complete at a mileage of no less than 930 miles (1 500 km).

    DO NOT CHANGE the lubricant until treatment has been completed!
  3. Treatment can be done in idling conditions. 4 hours are equivalent to a running of 120 miles (200 km).
  4. Treat new engines with one dose: two tubes simultaneously.

Lubricant system capacity qts. 2 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30
Tubes, pcs 3 6 9
Treatment scheme 1+1+1 2+2+2 3+3+3
Tubes for new engines 2 4 6