XADO Gas Engine Treatment

This is our top selling XADO Revitalizant for gasoline engine. This XADO product will raise the compression in your cylinders, increase horsepower, increase gas/mileage, and restore your vehicle. If you have an older car, which is burning oil, has ticking lifters, is loosing horsepower, or you just want to maximize the potential of your engine, this is the product for you. It is based on a revolutionary discovery of natural minerals that affect the surface of the friction pairs and do not affect the oil. It is not just another "oil additive", but it is rather an unique gel which restores the geometry and weight of the mating parts in the working mechanism. In a new vehicle Xado will greatly reduce parts wear.

"My 5.4L F150 has over 150,000 miles. After the Xado treatment my lifter tick is gone and the truck has more get up and go!" Terrance White

Major results of the treatment

  • rubbing parts are reconditioned and protected against wear;
  • restored geometry of the parts;
  • fuel savings at idle up to 30%, in operation 10 to 15% increase is common.
  • oil pressure increasing;
  • equalizing and increasing of compression in the cylinders;
  • engine power approaching 100% of design;
  • reduction of noise and vibration by 10 times, lifter tick in noisy Nissan and
    Mitsubishi engines is greatly reduced, as long as lifter is not totally collapsed.
  • possibility of operation after accidental oil leakage;
  • reduction in CO and CH contents in the exhausts by 2-10 times.

Main advantages of the treatment

  • disassembly of engine is not required;
  • improvement of engine workings as early as in 31-62 miles (50-100 km).

    XADO will protect new engines or engines with low mileage and will extend the life span and quality of these engines.

     XADO dosage is defined by oil system capacity and mileage. An engine with 2 to 10 quarts of oil with over 20,000 miles takes three tubes. A new engine or an engine with less than 20,000 miles takes two tubes.

Procedure of treating an engine with lubricant capacity of 2 to 10 quarts 
(3 tubes).

Phase 1

  1. Squeeze out the contents of the tube into the oil fill of the engine. The engine should be warm to normal operating temperature.
  2. Start the engine and let it idle for no less than 2 minutes, go for a drive.

Phase 2

  1. Do as described in Phase 1 after a running of 60 to 150 miles (100-250 km).

Phase 3

  1. Do as described in Phase 2 after a running of 60 to 150 miles (100-250 km).
  2. Revitalization is considered complete at a mileage of no less than 930 miles (1,500 km).

DO NOT CHANGE the oil until treatment has been completed! At least 1,000 miles or 1,500 km.
It is possible to treat at idle: 4 hours are equivalent to a running of 120 miles (200 km).
Treat all engines with over 20,000 miles with the 3 tube treatment as described above.
Treat new engines and engines with up to 20,000 miles with one dose of two tubes simultaneously.