XADO Gear Box and Transmission

This is a XADO Revitalizant for manual transmissions, gearboxes and differentials. XADO added to the oil will restore the geometry of the gears and worn out metal on the surface of the gears and bearings. It will bring down the friction coefficient by an order of magnitude and build a hard protective cermet (Ceramic+Metal) layer on all surfaces participating in friction. All of that translates into improvements in fuel savings and efficiency of the whole gear box. Try it and see for yourself.
For Chevy Surburban owners: This product has quieted rear end whine.

Main results of the treatment

  • rubbing parts are reconditioned and protected against wear;
  • restored geometry of the parts;
  • elimination of pits and scratches on working surfaces;
  • reduction of noise and vibration by 10 times; We have seen major improvements in noise reduction and operating temperatures of differentials after XADO treatment.
  • possibility of long operation after an accidental oil leakage.
Main advantages of the treatment
  • disassembly is not required;
  • universality;
  • fast effect.

 XADO will help reduce; overheating, difficult gearshift, grinding sounds in the gearbox or the noise of differential. The best way is to treat the gear box and differential in advance and not wait for the problems to develop.

Procedure of treating
  1. Squeeze out the revitalizant into the oil filler neck of gear box, transfer case or differential according to the following chart.
  2. Revitalizing is considered to be complete after 50 operating hours or 930 miles (1,500 km) run.
Volume of oil system (l) Number of tubes (pieces) Treatment scheme
1-2 1 Once
2-5 2 Once
5-8 3 Once
8-11 4 Once
11-15 5 Once

1. A sure sign of the beginning of revitalization is mechanism noise reduction as early as the first few miles. If noise reduction (improvement of mechanism running) stops at any time, this fact points to a heavy wear of the mechanism, so it is necessary to double the recommended dose.
2. If after 60 - 120 miles (100-200 km) run the mechanism fails to improve its performance, the most probable cause is that the componant wear is to great for the XADO process to function. 
3. DO NOT use in automatic transmission!