XADO Hydraulic Pumps Automatic Tranys Power Steering

This XADO product is formulated specifically for hydraulic pumps of any type of car or truck. The XADO reconditioning will take from 15 minutes to couple days. The service life of the restored assembly is almost unlimited. Two tubes of this Xado product treats an automatic transmission, 1 tube treats power steering systems. For larger hydraulic systems follow the capacity charts below.
Autobob notes: We recommend putting the two tubes of Xado in a Pyrex container with a small amount of ATF. Then take a hairdryer or heat gun and warm up the contents and stir till the Xado is dissolved. Add this to your ATF oil fill tube on a warm transmission and then go for a drive of 10 minutes or longer.
On power steering systems the Xado can be squeezed from the tube into the fluid reservoir on a warm vehicle.

Steering pump treatment procedure

Having once treated a steering pump you can forget the troubles concerning its breakdown.
1. Revitalizant should be put into steering pump reservoir (see the table).

Lubrication system capacity, pints Number of tubes, pieces Treatment scheme
1-2 1 One-time
2-5 2 One-time
5-8 3 One-time

  1. At that point you should check the oil operating level.
  2. After adding the revitalizant, rotate the steering wheel from stop to stop for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Revitalization is considered to be complete after 50 hrs of mechanism operation (932 miles (~1,500 km) run).

1. A sure sign of revitalizing beginning is improvement in the operation of steering device (steering wheel force reduction, operation accuracy, reduction of noise) as early as the first miles of run.
2. If after 1,000 miles run the mechanism fails to improve its performance then the wear limits are out of the range of XADO repair and the components should be replaced.