Corbeau Baja Ultra (starting at 349.00 each)

The Baja Ultra is the big brother to the popular Baja SS seat. It is four inches taller and one inch wider. Its high side bolsters and taller back give you ultimate lateral and head support. Picture sitting in your living room in a lazy boy sofa and that's about how you'll feel in the Baja Ultra. It is quite an aggressive seat so if you're over a 36-38 inch waist, we recommend you move up to the wide version. NOTE: the wide version is huge so be sure to double-check the measurements of your vehicle for fitment purposes. The Baja Ultra off-road seat will enhance not only the look of your vehicle but also the overall driving experience. The Baja Ultra has four vertical tabs on the bottom of the seat to allow it to bolt to a roll cage. NOTE: If you plan on bolting to a Corbeau bracket or a flat mounting surface, you'll need to order a Baja Adapter (A22002F), which bolts to the bottom of the seat making it a flat mounting surface and eliminating the vertical tabs. The Baja Ultra standard features include: powder coated steel frame, reinforced nylon inner liner laced with military grade suspension chords, integrated full body support and 5-point harness capability. As a rule of thumb, the Baja Ultra Standard will fit up to a 36-38 inch waist and the Baja Ultra Wide will fit up to a 42 inch waist.

When installing an aftermarket seat, the bracket is just as important as the seat. Without the correct bracket you will more than likely run into several issues during the installation process and beyond. Corbeau brackets are designed specifically for Corbeau seats and will not work with any other seat brand. Corbeau is the best when it comes to our selection and fitment of custom brackets.Our brackets are the most affordable in the industry and are the only brackets that include sliders.


Baja Ultra SS in Black Vinyl Baja Ultra SS in Black Vinyl w/Black Cloth Insert Baja Ultra SS DimensionsBaja Ultra SS Wide Dimensions