Corbeau Baja XP (stating at $359.00 each)

Over the last 50 years Corbeau has been synonymous with the best in racing seat development. Now couple that expertise with our understanding of suspension seats and from that you have the Baja XP off-road racing seat. This is hands down the best off-road racing seat money can buy. The Baja XP is equipped with the Corbeau suspension system, which has been proven to provide superior cushioning and significant energy return upon impact. The suspension system creates somewhat of a trampoline affect, which absorbs the impact that your back would otherwise endure. Its extra high side bolsters will absolutely eliminate body shifting. You’ll be able to keep your focus on driving and not on body positioning. The Baja XP has four vertical tabs on the bottom of the seat to allow it to bolt to a roll cage. NOTE: If you plan on bolting to a Corbeau bracket or a flat mounting surface, you'll need to order a Baja Adapter (A22002F), which bolts to the bottom of the seat making it a flat mounting surface and eliminating the vertical tabs. If you do any kind of aggressive off-road driving, this is the seat for you.  As a rule of thumb, the Baja XP will fit up to a 38 inch waist. When it comes to off road racing seats, it really doesn’t get better than the Baja XP, seriously though, it doesn’t! Years of research and design have gone into creating this stunning seat. When you combine feedback from enthusiasts with the expertise of Corbeau, you get a seat that is hands down, the best! Whether you’re an extreme off road racer or a casual weekend off roader, the Baja XP will enhance your overall driving experience. As a rule of thumb, the Baja XP will fit up to a 38-40 inch waist.

When installing an aftermarket seat, the bracket is just as important as the seat. Without the correct bracket you will more than likely run into several issues during the installation process and beyond. Corbeau brackets are designed specifically for Corbeau seats and will not work with any other seat brand. Corbeau is the best when it comes to our selection and fitment of custom brackets.Our brackets are the most affordable in the industry and are the only brackets that include sliders.