Corbeau Classic Bucket (starting at 359.00 each)


 ClassicBucket-20051-SR-XL Black Vinyl sm

Classic_bucket-L Dimension sm

The Classic Bucket is ideal for classic and vintage style automobiles, trucks and kit car applications. Corbeau is known for making the most comfortable seats in the world and we didn’t hold back on the Classic Bucket. We designed this seat to not only give you that classic look and feel (in all black vinyl), but we made sure not to jeopardize comfort in the process. Designed to fit the driver with definitive support and the vehicle with classic style. Most classic or vintage style vehicles have limited space so we tried to make this seat small enough to fit most vehicles but not so small that it won't fit the driver. We recommend when installing these in vehicles with limited space to be sure you compare the Classic Bucket measurements with the space you have available. The Classic standard features include: tubular steel frame, injection molded foam, and adjustable headrest and custom vertical stitching along the center of the seat.  The Classic Bucket will fit up to a 36" waist.  The Classic Bucket weighs 15 lbs.

When installing an aftermarket seat, the bracket is just as important as the seat. Without the correct bracket you will more than likely run into several issues during the installation process and beyond. Corbeau brackets are designed specifically for Corbeau seats and will not work with any other seat brand. Corbeau is the best when it comes to our selection and fitment of custom brackets. Our brackets are the most affordable in the industry and are the only brackets that include sliders.