Escort Passport Laser Shifter Pro



The Laser Shifter Pro is the most advanced laser defense system available to protect you from unwanted tickets. Shifter Pro incorporates true laser diodes to maximize its effectiveness against targeting laser guns. Plus, as new laser ticketing technology is developed, the Shifter Pro software is now up gradable using our exclusive Shifter Tools. Order Now for Free Shipping!


Laser Transceivers

High performance laser-based "Shifting" transceivers provide the ultimate protection against targeting laser guns. Our highly sensitive receiver is constantly scanning for targeting laser guns. Once a threat is detected, our true laser optic design confuses the targeting laser gun within milliseconds, allowing you to check and adjust your speed as needed.


Product Accessory: Interface Module Interface Module
Product Accessory: Twin Laser Transceivers Twin Laser Transceivers

Product Accessory: On/Off Switch & Wiring Harness