Hella 4x6 H4 E-Code Small Rectangular Low / High

Required original equipment in Europe on all vintage cars with 4x6 headlamps. Hella e-code lamps have the best optics of any conversion lamp. Low beam has a sharp top side beam cut off with a 15°  rise on the right hand side of the roadway to illuminate road signs, pedestrians, animals, ect. High beam is a long range driving lamp that gives a centered hot spot with some side light as well. The quality glass lens and polished metal reflector with vaporized metal coating are glued together for a weather tight fit. The bulb is a replaceable H-4 in a flat faced lens. The 4x6 low high requires a bulb harness adapter for polarity to be correct and that is included with this purchase. Hella European e-code lamps are not DOT approved and are sold for performance off road usage. Price is for one lamp.

Hella 4x6 front H4

Hella 4x6 back H4