Fikse Wheel Care Instructions
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Fikse Wheel Care

With proper care, your wheel finish can be maintained for years.
First, and most importantly, NEVER let heavy brake dust accumulate on the wheels for an extended period. Frequent cleaning is essential--much like a fine car finish. Most brake pad material becomes highly acidic when mixed with rain or water. This acidic mix of brake dust and water can damage any wheel if left on them too long.

Second, it is important to avoid using off-the-shelf "Wheel Cleaner" products which are typically designed for use on lower quality cast metals. These, too are usually far too acidic for high performance wheels. Fikse recommends a mix of mild soap and cold water, your favorite car shampoo will work fine. Never use hot water on aluminum, and always let the wheels cool to room temperature before cleaning. Use a natural sable bristle paint brush (available in the paint department of most hardware stores) to clean the lug pockets and spoke corner areas.

Third, clean using this process:

  • A.Make sure the wheels are not hot before beginning.
  • Spray the wheel with a mild soap and water mix.
  • Let stand for 15-30 seconds, using the soft sable brush to loosen the dirt as mentioned,
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Repeat this process as necessary to get the wheel fully clean.
  • To dry the wheel, drive the car around the block to fling off excess water, then pat the wheel gently with a soft, dry, cotton cloth.

Fourth, most of our wheels have the center section clearcoated and the rims polished but left uncoated. This means that the outer rim (if the wheel finish is TechniPolish, neither coated nor anodized) can be touch-up polished with a very fine grade metal polish.

Fifth, once your wheels are clean and dry, you may apply a very light coat of highest-grade wax to the wheels to help protect them between cleanings.

Finally, it is always advisable to test all cleaning and wheel care materials on a small inconspicuous part of your wheel to determine if the products are producing the results you're seeking-Fikse wheels come in a wide variety of finishes and product formulations change over time. Fikse warranties do not apply to damage caused by improper care or cleaning, so testing any products before use is imperative.

We suggest printing a copy of these instructions and carrying them in your car's glove box to instruct detailers when needed.